Hosted annually by Oatway Productions


The ‘Golden Stompdown’ is a skateboard, mountain bike, BMX and scooter competition for all skill levels and all ages of riders.  The event is hosted by Oatway Production and The Town of Golden. It is held on the second Saturday of September at The Golden Freeride Park located across from the College of the Rockies in Golden, BC.  The registration tables open at noon on the day of event at the Golden Freeride Park. The competition starts at around 2pm and will run anywhere from 6pm to 7pm depending on the turn out.  Every competitor in each category will get a 1 minute run on the park to themselves to throw down some awesome talent.  Top competitors will get a second run.  There is also time trials for the pump track, a flat land game of S.K.A.T.E. and a piggy back your friend race for anyone who wants to join. On top of that, there is live music, warm food, cold drinks, T-shirts for sale and lots of random fun events on the side lines as well as tons of great prizes to give away. Oh and don't forget about Ride The Vibe's live trials bike performances. We hope to see you all there.