PRe-season checklist

-Fuel the sleds (top up all fluids)

-check all bolts, caps, track tension, suspension, etc 

-check beacon batteries (do some refreshers)

-Wax (if you did not b4 you put her away) 

-tighten bindings

-check pressure on avy bag canisters

and trust me people you can walk around acting like, yaya i'll remember all that shit common shred sense. But the fact is you will probably forget one small mandatory thing and completely ruin your first outing of the year.

Wich brings me to my next point never over trust your gear if you live out of town take your sled for a rip in the yard down the road, try it out b4 you take it out. If you live in town well go somewhere close by easy access and go for a good ol braap before you take em out into the back country.

Never go with people you don't know and trust you never know what can happen out there and its best to have good faith in people because its your ass they may have to be saving.


End of season tear down

-Drain fuel from sleds or use stabilizer for summer storage so you don't have to run old stale gas through your sled 4 months down the road


Random facts you should probably know