10th Annual Golden Stompdown

This year's event was a huge success! The cloudy, rainy morning had us all pretty worried, but the Shred Gods pulled through and dried up all the rain. We had an amazing turn out of over 350 spectators throughout the day and well over 50 participants. We fed almost 200 people and raised enough money to cover our expenses including insurance for Ride the Vibe to perform their live trials moto show on our local sk8park. We want to thank everyone who came out to support this awesome event we host annually for the youth of Golden.

Photo of Colin Shields captured by Jessie Oatway

Photo of Colin Shields captured by Jessie Oatway

Thanks to the Town of Golden for supplying us with the necessities to pull this event off.

The Stompdown could not happen without all the prize donations and community support we have, THANK YOU:

Darkside Snow Sk8 Life, Higher Ground, Off The Wall, Derailed Sports, Plain Wayne & Jane, Zodiac Hemp, Remind Insoles, Artschool Skateboards, Filtrate, The Golden Star, Brent's Boardshop, Apostoles Greek Restaurant, Eleven22, Rockwater Grill and Bar, Mountain Motorsports, Stompdown Killaz, Ephin Apparel and Easy Rock Radio Station.

Thanks to Bass Workshop for supplying the sound, Little King Music for providing the microphone and DJ Wakcutt for making the sounds. As well as C.W. Dein for his amazing one man band performance.

Photo of Sam King captured by Ian Wackett

Photo of Sam King captured by Ian Wackett

Huge shout out to Amico Meats and The Island Restaurant for donating not only all their handcrafted food but the staff to prepare it and Jacob from Amico Meats came and ran the BBQ for us as well.


Thanks to our friend Sam King (professional trails bike rider) from RIDE THE VIBE, for putting on a live show for us and demonstrating some serious skill of a different level on our little sk8park here in Golden. 

A big thanks to Jessie Oatway for organizing and making this event happen every year, as well as all of the volunteers who help run this event, all the spectators who come to watch and support your community and most importantly all the competitors who keep this event alive and help show the community how much this park means to us. 

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